How To Prevent Offensive Images From Appearing in Your Social Platform

Thu Sep 29, 2016

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If you manage a social platform like an Instagram or a Tumblr, you’ll inevitably face the task of having to remove offensive UGC (user-generated content) from your website, game, or app.

At first, this is simple, with only the occasional inappropriate image or three to remove. Since it seems like such a small issue, you just delete the offending images as needed. However, as your user base grows, so does the % of users who refuse to adhere to your terms of use.

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Incredible Moderators Who Stay Focused

Thu Oct 02, 2014

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Image Source: Wikipedia

When I was young, I was one of those good kids. When a teacher walked by I would say, “Hello Ms. so-and-so” and if our class was asked for volunteers, I would be among the first to thrust my hand excitedly into the air. My parents taught me to respect other adults and to respect authority, and I did.

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Forty Languages in Forty Days

Thu Aug 14, 2014

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Ancient Tamil Script image from Wikipedia

I have always been interested in languages. One of my hobbies is to ask new people how to say something in their language. It’s almost always, “How are you?” but my favorite was the Mayan people who taught me, “Ko’ox hana” which means “Let’s go eat!”

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