How to Remove Online Hate Speech in Under 24 Hours

Tue Jul 05, 2016

hate speech automation social media

Image Source: Unsplash

In the last few weeks, the major players in social media came together as a united front with a pact to remove hate speech within 24 hours. Facebook defines hate speech as “content that attacks people based on their perceived or actual race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.” Hate speech is a serious issue, as it shapes the core beliefs of people all over the globe.

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Freedom of Speech != Freedom From Accountability

Thu Apr 14, 2016

harassment hate speech context analysis

Image Source: Flickr

We believe freedom of speech can be a positive force, especially when used with a level of care and respect for others. Realistically, we don’t live in a world where people will always be sweet and happy like Teletubbies. People are not always going to be kind to each other, and everyone is bound to have a bad day…

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