Cyberbullying, Bullying, and Online Harassment Facts

Mon Oct 05, 2015

cyberbullying bullying online harassment

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What is Bullying?

Bullying is an unacceptable anti-social behavior. Bullying tactics can involve verbal abuse, physical abuse, and psychological harassment towards a victim. This destructive behavior is learned by a bully from the negative influences that can come from others in their home environment, school, peer groups, and even from certain media exposure.

The good news is that since bullying is a learned behavior, it can also be unlearned.

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

Mon Sep 28, 2015

cyberbullying bullying online harassment

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Digital communication offers many incredible ways to communicate, discover, and share messages with others around the world. However there are risks inherent with conversations, social media, games, apps, and websites found online.

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