How To Prevent Offensive Images From Appearing in Your Social Platform

Thu Sep 29, 2016

social media machine learning moderation images product developement

If you manage a social platform like an Instagram or a Tumblr, you’ll inevitably face the task of having to remove offensive UGC (user-generated content) from your website, game, or app.

At first, this is simple, with only the occasional inappropriate image or three to remove. Since it seems like such a small issue, you just delete the offending images as needed. However, as your user base grows, so does the % of users who refuse to adhere to your terms of use.

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Can Community Sift Outperform Google Jigsaw’s Conversation AI in the War on Trolls?

Mon Sep 26, 2016

trolls online harassment hate google

There are some problems in the world that everyone should be working on, like creating a cure for cancer and ensuring that everyone in the world has access to clean drinking water.

On the internet, there is a growing epidemic of child exploitative content, and it is up to us as digital service providers to protect users from illegal and harmful content. Another issue that’s been spreading is online harassment — celebrities, journalists, game developers, and many others face an influx of hate speech and destructive threats on a regular basis.

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Using Kindness to Grow Healthy Online Communities

Mon Aug 08, 2016

kindness positive psychology engagement

Image Source: Flickr

For every 28 articles published on bullying, only one is published on kindness. Does this strike you as odd?

It gets weirder. Let’s operate on the assumption that kindness is the antithesis of bullying. Studies have found that friendly teachers and welcoming learning environments result in less bullying.

Makes sense. And yet, when it comes to changing bad behavior, the bulk of our efforts continue to focus on the problem instead of the solution. Are we going about this all wrong?

A lot of very smart people have been asking themselves that very question. Allow me to introduce you to a little-known, up-and-coming field of psychology called — you guessed it…

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From Brexit to Bulbasaur – On the Evolution of Language

Fri Aug 05, 2016

language culture idioms nuance

Image Source: Deviantart

There is something magical at the heart of language, isn’t there? At the intersection of noun, verb, and clause exists endless creativity and invention. Language encourages the artist in all of us. We are more connected now than ever before, and we as individuals are shaping language to fit our needs, whether we’re busy texters, meme creators, or blog commenters. If we’re online, we are using language in unique ways. We reconstruct language every day.

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How to Remove Online Hate Speech in Under 24 Hours

Tue Jul 05, 2016

hate speech automation social media

Image Source: Unsplash

In the last few weeks, the major players in social media came together as a united front with a pact to remove hate speech within 24 hours. Facebook defines hate speech as “content that attacks people based on their perceived or actual race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.” Hate speech is a serious issue, as it shapes the core beliefs of people all over the globe.

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