The Most Important Use of Artificial Intelligence in Human History?

Tue Feb 07, 2017

press release CEASE.ai preventing child abuse

The Most Important Use of Artificial Intelligence in Human History? Stopping child sexual abuse material.    Can you think of a better use of artificial intelligence than the elimination of child exploitation?

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How the First Text Made the World a Better Place

Tue Dec 20, 2016

internet history online chat

Image source: https://pixabay.com

December 3rd, 1992. An engineer named Neil Papworth sits down at his computer and composes a simple message. A few buildings over, a Vodaphone executive named Richard Jarvis relaxes at his office Christmas party. He glances down at the glowing green screen of his Orbital 901 handset.

“Merry Christmas,” he reads.

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Introducing… Sift Ninja!

Mon Dec 12, 2016

press release

Image source: http://secrettoeverybody.com/

Shhh… it’s a secret to everybody. (Or at least, it was a secret to many before this post!)

Today we’re excited to tell you about the official debut of our new product: Sift Ninja!

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Community Sift Achieves kidSAFE+ Certification for its COPPA Settings to Protect Kids Social Apps

Fri Nov 04, 2016

coppa compliance kidsafe online safety press release

Image: Image Source: Flickr

Big news! Community Sift, our risk classification tool designed to protect social platforms from trolls, cyberbullying, and abuse, is excited to announce that its COPPA Settings have been certified COPPA compliant by the kidSAFE + COPPA-Certified Seal Program!

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Why Does COPPA Compliance Matter?

Wed Oct 05, 2016

coppa compliance kidsafe online safety

Image: Young child in front of computer

Every day we’re inundated with news stories about how to keep kids safe, both in the real world and online. It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. Above all, it’s terrifying.

Are we fated to let our children wander in some lawless, retrograde technological? How do we protect them? Are there safe spaces, or is the internet – and social media in particular – the 21st-century version of the Wild West?

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